I would love someone forever if they could only just direct me to a zip file of some sort of Torrance Coombs gifs to download.

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A N N E    B O L E Y N
↳  1.03 “Wolsey, Wolsey, Wolsey!”

"You are a poet, as I am a woman. Poets and women are always free with their hearts,   a r e   t h e y   n o t ?”

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You’ll have a son.

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shipping mckirk mORE LIKE


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The rules of role-playing with Jess: when she tells you that she “did the thing”, your reaction should by all means be as follows.



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richardnevilleofwarwick said: I think Reign is very popular and roleplayed and Teddy of York is actually Toby Regbo if it matters. on the otherh and I like bradely lots but he is Arthur from Merlin and there are people who rp sooo, but personally I d go for the second :D

Oh, I remember that! Which I think might actually be why I’m both interested but confused when I see Toby Regbo was Arthur because I associate him to Teddy now. And, yeah, I kind of that with Bradley James too, tho, because, yeah, he’s already played one Arthur, but he was my first muse for Arthur Tudor and I always feel inspired by seeing him in action, you know?

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torrance coombs (x)

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Just pitching it out there because this has become a thing, but I’ve become rather conflicted when it comes to who should represent Arthur.

Because, on one hand, everyone keeps using this lovely lad.

Who looks an awful lot like Freya.

But, still, this lad will always pop up whenever I consider people to play Arthur.

Who looks a heck of a lot like Michael Marcus with a sprinkling of features from Freya.

So I suppose it’s rather anyone’s ballgame?

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Simon Harsent - Irene

"On August 28th 2011 Hurricane Irene made landfall over New York’s Coney Island with winds at 65 mph. It hit New York City at 9 a.m. ET bringing with it a storm surge that sent 3½ feet of water into New York Harbor. Although downgraded to a tropical storm, it still flooded low-lying areas and left millions of homes without power all along the Eastern Seaboard."

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