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An Infinite List of Beautiful Collections -  Zuhair Murad Pre-Fall 2014 (part 2)


imagine if you woke up and your name was your url and you looked exactly like your icon


Endless list of favorite kinks [2/∞]

↳ wing kink





its so weird to think that i have more followers then jesus did

yea but i doubt that your followers will start a religion based off of your tumblr

excuse me?

the movement has started

Jensen and Jared backstage at The CW Summer TCA Press Tour

That uncomfortable moment where you want to school someone (hard) but don’t have the historical sources to drag up to do so. Can I just knock the person over the head with…well…fact?


Henry Tudor and Elizabeth of York married on 18 January 1486. Elizabeth immediately proved to be a successful Tudor wife, because nine months later, the married couple’s first child was born - Arthur Tudor, the Prince of Wales. On 25 November 1487, Elizabeth was crowned queen consort. Elizabeth “was one of the beauties of her age,” with classic English Rose looks - blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin - the quintessential English beauty of the time period. She was also apparently quite attractive in her character. Henry was reportedly tall, slim, dark haired, and handsome in the prime of his life. At the time of their marriage, they were probably thought to be the perfect couple. They were young, beautiful, and seemingly pure of heart. They were the founders of a new soon-to-be powerful English dynasty, and they were immediately a success. During the course of their marriage, Elizabeth would give birth to eight children - four of whom would live. Arthur, Margaret, Henry, and Mary.” {x]


c. nov 1485
(…) they kissed there, on a bench of old stones which probably saw the first plantagenet Kings ruling England. Not in a room full of curious eyes and expensive paintings, or between two doors covered by gold and ebony, or on the front step of a pretentious palace. No. It just happened there on a bench of old stones. And so, with no crown, he kissed her. Or she kissed him —whatever. Her first kiss. Their first kiss.
Natural, logical, agreable, and oddly evident.

just a quick fluffy  Henry Tudor / Elizabeth of York  doodle :P on deviantart